CORFERIAS Organiza corferias Bogotá

Puerta de Oro, Convention Center of the Caribbean, is the most modern Business tourist complex, designed for the execution of fairs, events and conventions, servicing Colombia and the Caribbean basin.

Corferias, as Professional Operator of fairs and events has scheduled a portfolio with around 27 fair events, which will be firmly established by their first stage. This project brings recognition to the Atlantic Coast and the new hub for the development and economic promise of Colombia and builds high expectations with the entry into force of the Free Trade Agreements with: United States of America, Canada, Mexico, and European Union, something that put us in competition with the world.

With this features, Corferias will perform multiple events, lines up with the business competitive development and the social, cultural and touristic promotion of the region. The participation of Corferias in Puerta de Oro, Convention Center of the Caribbean, pretends not only to operate and develop fairs, congresses and conventions, but also be part of the national business class that drives the economic and social development of the Caribbean, especially the surrounding of Barranquilla.

In the fair projects, we expected the most representative businessmen from multiple industries, and national and international visitors through a complete technological platform and qualified contacts that creates business opportunities and allows to glimpse Puerta de Oro, Convention Center of the Caribbean, as the hub of opportunities and progress. 

Puerta de Oro, Convention Center of the Caribbean 

Vía 40 #79B – 06

Barranquilla, Colombia